What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a physical state that influences the contact between the nerve cells in the nervous system if there happens to be an abrupt overactive electrical flow in the brain. The question may arise in out mind as to what is epilepsy disease?

It is an overwhelming incident when we happen to see someone being affected by an epileptic seizure. Such individuals often appears to be lost in some other world, often lose consciousness, experience an inefficiency in body control or even go through an irrational fear or panic. These individuals often experience stress, are exhausted as well as weak and perplexed after the seizure ends.

However it is to be noted that that if anyone is suffering from sudden fits that does not always mean that they must be suffering from epilepsy. Often seizures can happen under other situations as well like dehydration or extreme stress. Epilepsy happens mostly in the younger years of the individuals. Nevertheless, it can also strikes at a later age. The epileptic conditions in children have been seen to have usually diminished as they grow up. For most cases a complete cure from epilepsy has been noticed as the child grows up.

However, till date there have been no definite known causes of epilepsy. But one thing has been confirmed that it is a non-communicable ailment. It hardly ever gets transferred down in a genetic manner. However, the close kin of an epileptic individual has a greater risk of developing epilepsy as compared to the individual without any family history of epileptic seizures.

According to doctors and physicians treating epileptic condition, the following conditions can make an individual susceptible to develop epilepsy:

  • Pre-natal diseases that may affect the fetus’s brain
  • Complications during birth
  • Infections such as meningitis or encephalitis, which affects the brain
  • Accidents causing a brain injury
  • Brain tumors, drug intake, strokes, etc.

It is always advisable to consult a neurologist for any cases of sudden seizures. After physical examinations conducted by the doctor, it can be confirmed if it is an epileptic seizure or not.

If epilepsy is diagnosed then the physician will prescribe an appropriate treatment for the individual. Although it sounds depressing but epileptic individuals can live normal lives if the proper treatment procedure is followed along with a healthy living.

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