Upcoming researches on Epilepsy

There has been a proposal from the Gordon Conference on Mechanisms of Epilepsy and Neuronal Synchronization to present a ground breaking research on the subject of reorganization in an epileptic brain. It has been decided that the topic will be taken up at multiple levels, beginning from the cellular as well as the molecular to circuits and networks. The proposal is to focus on three major as well as persistent questions in the field of epilepsy. These are:

  • What are the causes, which leads to acute seizures?
  • What are the advanced changes in the organization of the brain as well as its function that leads to the unceasing condition of epilepsy?
  • What is the link between the system of occurrence of epilepsy and the co-morbidities, which the patient often comes across in this disorder?

These issues will be considered especially in sessions dedicated to epileptogenesis, seizure occurrence as well as developmental epilepsies and its co-morbidities. The questions put forward during the sessions, together with the reorganization of neural circuits in epilepsy, will be later discussed in different session. They will focus on new procedures of circuit examination and its relevance in epilepsy research; procedures connected with reorganization of interneurons as well as changes in chloride homeostasis; plus the reorganization of different ion channels, which would propose targets for the therapy. The reason of this Conference is to bring under one roof specialists from various disciplines to talk about the complex problems that occur during a seizure generation as well as its progression. It is anticipated that this exchange of ideas will have a positive impact on the crucial next stage of new epilepsy researches. This will also provide prospects for scientists to come up with and encourage increased communications among investigators in different areas of fundamental epilepsy research.


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