Recent News & Research on the treatment of Epilepsy

When you see a close one of your experiencing a grand mal seizure it is indeed very depressing. Until the present times, the only alternative for individuals with epilepsy was to squander their whole life heavily medicated. Luckily, studies have revealed that neurofeedback therapy for the brain can be an effectual healing process for individuals who are suffering from epilepsy. The prospect of minimizing epileptic seizures exclusive of the side effects of heavy medicines may appear too good to be factual for people who are living and deal with epilepsy, but it is true.

Although there are people who still do not believe in the recent progressions made in the field of epilepsy treatment with neurofeedback therapy, the truth is that it has now been put forward on paper by top medical as well as news journals, and has also been telecasted on television news programs. Time Magazine, ABC News, NBC, Fox News, Scientific American, as well as Psychology Today are merely a few names to be mentioned who have reported on the advantages of neurofeedback.

In a study conducted by Dr. Barry Sterman, he researched very vigilantly at all of the available data on applying neurofeedback as a treatment for epilepsy. The results were promising with a noteworthy improvement of about 82% patients of those treated. Some of the individuals who were suffering from severe as well as uncontrolled seizures ahead of the neurofeedback treatment exhibited a significant decrease in seizure occurrence after the treatment.

Neurofeedback is a secure as well as a non-invasive way of preparing the brain to function differently. In many cases concerning seizure disorders, the physician will require to have you start as well as conclude the treatment with a Qantitative EEG (QEEG), which is also known as “Brain Mapping.” During this Brain Mapping sitting, electrodes are held to the scalp by a gel that carry the current coming from the brain into the EEG device that will note down the previously undetectable energy and systematize it into a blueprint that can be used to resolve specific things about how the brain is performing. The chances of being benefited from this procedure is high and hence is recommended by most physicians today if financial means allows the patient for it. Both these QEEG as well as the neurofeedback treatments are comfortable, safe, and considered pleasant as well as stress reducing by many patients.

Neurofeedback treatment for epilepsy can result to striking improvements without the side-effects of medication. And since the brain has been reprogrammed in the manner it functions, the consequences are often long lasting.


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