Prominent figures suffering from Epilepsy

People have been suffering from epilepsy since ages now. Since time immemorial, epilepsy has caused millions to suffer, from beggars to kings. It has been marked as one of the most primitivephysical ailment which the human race has been facing andwhich has a distinguished and renowned history.The firstmention of epilepsy is believed to have been made in the fifth millennium B.C. in Mesopotamia. Records put forward details about the epileptic auras, or convulsions as well as other characteristic of what was then commonly known as “the falling disease”. The records found were with astonishingly accurate descriptions.

These primitive races assumed that the epileptic seizures were spells casted by evil spirits or the devil that invaded the individual’sbody. The god man as they were calledtreated these individuals with epilepsy by trying to drive the evil spirit out of their body with magic as well as prayers. This false notion was confronted by the then prominent physicians Atreya of India as well as Hippocrates of Greece, whodiagnosed a seizure as a result of some abrupt function of the brain and not due to someparanormalactivity. Nonetheless, these superstitious versions of epilepsy continued for centuries and as a result of this thinking of the past generation toward epilepsy have lead to aninheritance of disgraceas well as damaging false impression which still continues today, as individuals suffering from epilepsy keep onfacing fear, narrow-mindednessas well as discrimination in their day to day lives.

To get away with this wrong notion today the fact has been brought to light by many scholars in fascinating studies that famous prophets as well as holy men, political leaders, great thinkers, as well as many who attained greatness in arts as well as sciences, have been experiencing epilepsy.

Aristotle was probably the first to mention this in his list of “great epileptics” which included Socrates during the Renaissance.

A few other word leaders as well as great men who suffered from epilepsy are mentioned below:

  • Julius Caesar
  • Alexander the Great
  • Czar Peter the Great, father of modern Russia, who after suffering from a brain infection developed seizures as well as consciousness.
  • Charles V, King of Austria
  • Prince John the youngest son of King George V suffered from epilepsy because of which he was kept hidden from the public. He later died of an epileptic seizure at 13.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Pope Pius IX suffered from childhood epilepsy
  • US President James Madison
  • Painter Vincent van Gogh
  • Lord Byron the famous poet are just a few to be mentioned.

It would not be wrong to say that may famous people suffer from epilepsy, but do not publicize it as a result of the stigma connected with the ailment. With this today it is proved that epilepsy can happen to anyone at any point of time. Hence, this is not to hide but to get treated.

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