Precautions for Epilepsy patients

Precautions and maintain safety becomes a priority for epileptic patients. This needs to be started at home especially for the ladies and the children who remain at home. Beginning from the kitchen and the bathrooms, these are the places when the possibility of being hurt is the greatest. At these places during a seizure the individual may become puzzled and risk injury. The following precautions can be taken to avoid accidents.

Safety in the kitchen:

  • For women of the house with epilepsy it is safer to cook in the rear burners
  • Avoid open fire and cooking on electric stoves
  • Microwaves have proven to be the best option in such cases
  • Laying the kitchen floor with carpets to avoid injury
  • Using plastic containers in place of glass

Safety measures in the bathroom:

  • Setting up a heat controlling device in the showerhead which will avoid burning situation in case a sudden seizure occurs
  • Carpeting the floor or using wooden flooring to avoid making it slippery
  • Avoid locking the bathroom door, so that someone can help you in case of an emergency situation
  • Use of showerheads are the safer option other than using the bath tub filled with water

Precautions outside the home:

Driving: For many individuals with epilepsy, the occurrence of recurrent seizures limits their independence in driving to avoid accidents. However a prior consultations with the physician to know the severity of your epileptic condition can help you in this matter.

Outdoor activities: Taking part in sports and other activates is possible during epilepsy. However, for those suffering with frequent seizures, it is better to be in the company of someone who can manage a seizure. Wearing head protection is also recommended to avoid any kind of head injury.

Safety at work: Risks factors of epilepsy while at work depend upon the nature of your job. Some works are risky if a seizure occurs, for instance working at high altitude, near water bodies or those involving machinery. To avoid any accident it is necessary to make an assessment of your epileptic conditions before you move out to work in such situations.

Some other safety measures are:

  • Picking up activities depending on the frequency of your seizures
  • Avoiding exercise in hot sun
  • Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of fluids
  • Consulting your physician before beginning any new exercise regime
  • Do not swim alone
  • Avoiding high altitudes
  • Intake of medicines at proper time and without any misses, etc.


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