New drugs for Epilepsy!

In a recent development in the field of epilepsy led by Johns Hopkins, a new kind of anti-epilepsy medicine has been innovated that particularly aims at the proteins present in the brain which controls excitability and may considerably decrease the frequency of seizure occurrences in individual whose repeated seizures have become resistant even to the newest medications.

In the words of Gregory L. Krauss, M.D., a professor of neurology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine a number of drugs to take care of frequent seizures have been brought into the market in the past 10 years and now for most of the people they seem to show no further effect.  Hence for the drug-resistant individuals who have run out of choices, this research is of course pleasant news. These individuals are quiet difficult to be treated and are rather desperate.

Perampanel a new genre of medicine appeared to minimize an excitatory reaction in the brain by restraining a particular type of glutamate receptor known as AMPA receptor and in the course decreasing seizure occurrence without causing major side effects. Krauss further mentioned that a few other medicines targeting all three types of glutamate receptors in the brain have a tendency to make individuals very sleepy to function, sometimes putting them in comas. On the other hand this new drug may potentially provide relief not only to patients suffering from epilepsy, but even for those fighting with drug addiction issues or neurodegenerative disorder ALS.

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