Epilepsy side effects

As regards the side effects of epilepsy, individuals who suffer from grand mal seizures or similar seizures, which results in loss of control over the body or leads to consciousness can cause much harm as it can cause injury during the seizure. Such individuals should always put on life jackets while swimming to avert drowning if a sudden seizure occurs. A sudden fall during a seizure can cause fracture on the bone or a more severe head injury. Most often such people with more severe forms of epilepsy are not allowed to drive until the seizures are under control for a considerable period of time.

Other forms of seizures like the status epilepticus when the seizure may lasts for 30 minutes or even more, can lead to a brain damage. Of all the people suffering from seizures about 15% of them will also be experiencing a status epilepticus seizure.Brain damage during a seizure generally occurs from lack of oxygen for an extended period of time.

Side effects caused due to seizure medications are also common. A lot of time, the effect are less as well as continues for a short time and a little adjustment in the dosages can solve the problem efficiently.

Some common side effects caused due to seizure medicines has been listed below:

  • Fatigue, abdominal uneasiness, giddiness, or unclear vision mostly throughout the beginning weeks of beginning with the medication is a common thing. However, if medication begins with a low dose and gradually increased, then the effects may become tolerable and then finally stops as the body develops tolerance.
  • Allergies caused due to seizure medicines though are rare but they sometimes happen, mostly during the first 6 months of beginning with the medicines. Rashes are a common form of allergies caused due to the intake of seizure medicines.
  • The more unpredictable and severe form of side effects may be inflammation of the liver and pancreas, reduction of the white blood cells, platelets count reduction, etc.

Side effects may vary from person to person and also depending on the medicines prescribed. Many individuals experience little or no issues related to side effects.

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