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Epilepsy is a neurological disorder, which distresses the nervous system.

Another term for Epilepsy is Seizure disorder. When we are speaking about seizures in particular, we are referring to an abrupt rush of electrical movement in human brain, which generally affects the immediate action or the feelings of the person. These physical conditions of Seizures cannot be termed as a disease. However, they are more of a symptom, indicating that the brain may have been affected by some disorder. The severity may differ from person to person and situation to situation. While some can be for a fraction of a second, and go unnoticed, some others can leave you unconscious.

A person is diagnosed to be suffering from epilepsy, generally after he or she has experienced a few seizures which were not owing to some common medical condition, which may cause a seizure, for instance alcohol withdrawal or sudden dropping of blood sugar level. This kind of medical conditions may be the result of a brain injury or even may come from family history. However, may a time the causes have still remained unidentified. The kind of severity in seizures in epilepsy may differ from person to person and often without unknown reasons.

If someone has experienced a seizure with the reason being medically unknown, probability of the occurrence of another seizure within a short time increases. Moreover if that person has suffered a brain injury or an abnormality, the chances of the seizure increases even more. Probability of the occurrence of epilepsy increases if you have experienced a seizure at the time of an injury.

Once diagnosed with epilepsy, there are quiet a few numbers of treatment procedures which are generally undertaken today. However, the effects of each treatment procedure may differ from person to person. One of these is the Ketogenic diet. To begin the Ketogenic diet the child is to remain without food for 24 hours. This way he or she utilizes the stored glucose in their body, after which the body starts burning up the fats. This process is continued by the Ketogenic diet. It compels the body to make use of the fat content throughout by maintaining a low carbohydrate level with fat products being the main food. The meals that the patient is given contains four times the amount of fat than protein or carbohydrate. However, it is still unknown how this diet works in minimizing seizures. It is still under study by specialists. The results may also not be same for different patients. It may work for some and may not work at all for others. Moreover, utmost medical guidance is needed to begin the diet as otherwise it may lead to severe health risks.

People of all ages may suffer from Epilepsy at any point of time and can occur to children as well. Some epilepsy, which occurred as a child may tend to exist after childhood. Roughly 70% of Epilepsy conditions in children seize to exist as they grow up. Although 50% of the causes of epilepsy in children remain unknown, it may be caused due to a head injury, pre natal problems, genetic or other illnesses like meningitis.

As for the treatment procedure, most of them are treated typically with Anticonvulsants With proper and timely medication about 70% children get rid of epilepsy and seizures.

Ketogenic diet has also shown good results with children with a ratio of success in two thirds of epilepsy symptoms.

Proper treatment is mandatory to prevent further worsening the situation, when once diagnosed with epilepsy. Surgery for Epilepsy has been helpful in treating seizures in epilepsy successfully if the reason is some underlying correctable brain conditions.

Normally in epilepsy the doctor will recommend a continued intake of seizure-preventing medicines. Once if it is proven that the conditions are not being improved with medication, then other means of treatment can be used like a surgery, a Ketogenic diet, corresponding therapies or vagus nerve stimulation (VNS). The aim of these epilepsy treatments are to avoid further seizures without any side effectsas well as provide the patients with a normal and active life.

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